JOURNEY TO FAIR ISLE: Knitting, Pilgrimage, and Interwoven Lives

 Book cover featuring green Shetland wool sweater with colorful matching hat.

Forthcoming Book Launch!

Join the author as she reveals her life on Fair Isle, including the people, traditions, and island dynamics. As a knitter, designer, and textile historian, the author takes the reader on a voyage to Fair Isle, the historic home of Fair Isle knitting and the most remote inhabited island in the United Kingdom.

Combining history with knitting memoir, the book, JOURNEY TO FAIR ISLE: Knitting, Pilgrimage, and Interwoven Lives, will be interesting to those who appreciate knitting, history, and the search for belonging.

The book also includes two original knitting patterns, a sweater and matching hat, designed by Jennifer Daley. As featured on the book cover, the knitting patterns incorporate Jamieson and Smith brand 100% Shetland wool and a traditional yoke construction with Fair Isle inspired motifs.

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