Welcome to Knitting Jenny!

    A colorful pile of many Fair Isle mittens

    Hello, I'm Jennifer Daley. You can call me Jenny.

    I'd like to welcome you to Knitting Jenny. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

    I clearly remember when I began this Knitting Jenny website. It was 2005. I remember sitting with my knitting friends in the cafe at Foyles bookstore on Charing Cross Road in London, England. We were knitting and talking and sharing, as we did every week.

    On one particular day in 2005, in the cafe at Foyles, one of my friends announced they were going to start a knitting blog. Then another friend said they would, too. And then another friend, too. And I followed suit.

    In 2005, many of us began knitting blogs or knitting websites at the same time. It was encouraging to embark on a relatively new technology together. It was fun and interesting to experience those early days of blogging and online interactions. In 2005, I didn't use any blogging software, but I instead hard-coded the html.

    For the past 19 years, I have documented my knitting journey on this Knitting Jenny website. But now, in 2023, I have stopped hard-coding the html and have instead now moved to the Shopify platform, through which I continue sharing my knitting journey.

    This year, 2023, while living here on Fair Isle, the historic birthplace of Fair Isle knitting, I launched The Knitting Jenny Pattern Series, which now includes 17 knitting patterns with more forthcoming, celebrating creativity and colorful wool projects inspired by Fair Isle of the Shetland Islands, Scotland.

    I look forward to continue sharing my knitting journey with you.

    Thank you, and happy knitting!

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