Shetland Wool Week 2023

    Ten colorful Fair Isle fisherman's keps or hats in a circle on a wood floor

    It's recuperation time from the wonderful (and wonderfully exhausting) Shetland Wool Week. If you enjoy knitting or textiles, I urge you to consider the Shetland Islands on your next textile tour of Scotland!

    It is now the end of another annual Shetland Wool Week, which this year took place from September 23 to October 1, 2023. What fun was had by all! If you've never experienced a Shetland Wool Week, I encourage you to consider attending. For knitters, there are many classes and talks and tours. For non-knitters, there are many adventures waiting for you in Shetland. There is a lot to see and do in Shetland!

    I attended my first Shetland Wool Week last year. During 2022, I worked at the Shetland Textile Museum. During Wool Week (as indeed during every week), I really enjoyed meeting knitters who had traveled the long distance to Shetland. At the Shetland Textile Museum, I had the most interesting conversations with knitters. What a joy! I really enjoy sharing knitting ideas and tips with other knitters.


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