Knitting History Forum Conference Presentation

    Knitting Jenny Pattern 28, Fair Isle fisherman's kep hat

    Please join me online! I have been invited to present my Fair Isle knitting research at the Knitting History Forum conference, which will be held virtually on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

    I have previously attended these knitting conferences in person in London, UK. However, since the covid pandemic, the conferences have been held virtually, which is a blessing in disguise as the virtual nature enables international participation, which is wonderfully inclusive.

    The title of my Knitting History Forum conference presentation is:

    Past and Present Knitters on Fair Isle:
    A Case Study of Fair Isle Knitted Fisherman’s Keps

    A fun aspect of this annual Knitting History Forum conference is that many attendees leave their videos on during the conference, and knit.

    The conference is an amazing, thought-provoking knitting get-together, online.

    I will be attending the conference with my video on and knitting throughout the paper presentations.

    The conference begins at 11:15am GMT (which here in Colorado is 4:15am, oh my) on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

    Conference information is available at

    Thank you, and happy knitting!

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