17 Fair Isle Inspired Mitten Patterns

    18 different colorful Fair Isle mittens in a circle, on a wood floor

    Here on Fair Isle, it's Fair Isle Friday, and I'm celebrating with these Fair Isle inspired mittens that I designed in Shetland wool.

    I now have these 17 mitten patterns available on my Knitting Jenny website as well as Ravelry.

    Each pattern book includes about 120 pages, a Design Workbook with templates, and additional information useful to know before creating new designs in Shetland wool.

    Each Design Workbook begins with a chapter, titled, Shetland Geography, then continues with a discussion of Shetland Knitting History and an overview of Shetland Knitting Tools. Color Theory is also included in the Design Workbook as color is a key ingredient to successful knitting designs. Lastly, design tips and templates are included to support your creative design journey.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I'm always happy to listen and discuss.

    Thank you, and happy knitting!

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