Teeny-tiny Santa Claus
Completed in December 2010

This is the Mochimochi Santa. The pattern is available here.

I took these photos on my iPhone, and the bright colors are unfortunately uncaptured.

I knit this with my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand yarn, 100% Shetland wool, 2-ply jumper weight, with 3.5mm DPNs.

The pattern calls for smaller needles and a finished size of one inch in height.

I, though, used slightly larger needles and, of course, aggressively blocked the heck out of Santa, as you do. He is now a good two inches tall.

Four colors were used: red, white, tan, and heathered black.

In retrospect, I think it might have been nice to use white angora to add a bit of fluff to the fur.

And here's Santa with his face in the snow, so you can see his backside.

I think I'll stick a metal hook in his head and call him a tree ornament. Merry Christmas from snowy London!

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