Tea cozy for Holly

Completed for Christmas 2007

I hand-dyed this yarn. I started out with solid white Mission Falls 1824 100% merino wool, purchased from Patternworks online. I dyed the wool with my favorite Jacquard brand acid dyes, purchased from Dharma Trading Company which is such a good place to purchase inexpensive dyes.

My goal was to achieve an ombre effect.

I am plenty pleased with this tea cozy, my first ever. Like the hot water bottle, it seems that every English house has a tea cozy. I was compelled to knit one.

My sister-in-law Holly was the recipient. She's an avid tea drinker.

This was a free pattern from Knitty. Next time, though, I shall knit a tea cozy in a much finer gauge, perhaps a Fair Isle cozy with my favorite Jamieson & Smith 2-ply jumper weight.

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