A tam for a man
Completed in December 2009

This is a large tam and measures almost eleven inches in diameter.

Here are my three hat-wearing brothers: Joe, Chris, and Steve. This photo was taken in June 2008, on a family trip to the Italian Alps. We were visiting Dad's side of the family, who live in northern Italy, near the border of Austria.

For some reason, in this photo, the backdrop of the mountains is completely washed out. But trust me, the mountains were stunning.

This photo was taken on the day we hiked way up to where the World War One trenches are, in Italy. It was cold and rainy that day in June.

What an amazing trip!

The amazing thing about the trip wasn't just the destination. It was the fact that my entire family was together for two weeks. That doesn't happen often----we're all so busy, and it's just really difficult to get us all together.

Here's a rare photograph of me and my siblings. It was taken in June 2008. We were in the cheese room of the wine cellar of this quaint, local restaurant, up in the Italian Alps. This wonderful restaurant is our favorite place to eat in Italy.

I knit this tam for my brother, Chris. I think, though, that with the simple and classic gray-red-white color combo, the tam could easily be worn by anyone.

As always, I knit the tam with my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand two-ply jumper weight wool.

Just a word about blocking tams: As always, I like to aggressively block them. You've really got to show the tam who's boss. You've really got to block the tam into submission.

Case in point, I used 267 pins to block out the wet and washed tam, and I let it remain, blocked and pinned, for 48 hours.

After I de-pinned the tam, I steam-pressed it like nobody's business. The steam-pressing causes the knitting to felt a bit, which seems to give it a bit more body, more staying power.

My brother, Chris, received the tam on Christmas morning, and he actually seemed to like it!

N-E-W-S-F-L-A-S-H! It's April 2013, my brother is visiting me in England, and he surprised me by wearing his Scottish tam-o'-shanter! Here he is, sporting his tam on the fabled Isle of Wight.

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