More funky socks for my sister!
Completed in July 2012

This is Opal brand sock yarn in the colorway #1435.

This yarn is from the Opal collection of sock yarn influenced by artists and paintings.

Ideally, the yarn is intended for a vertically striped sock, but quite frankly, I've looked closely at the Opal vertical pattern (as well as other vertical sock patterns), and I am unconvinced. I just don't believe that a vertical striped sock will hug the foot in all the right places.

Sure, it'd be nice to have a pair of vertical stripes, to spice up the sock drawer, but I don't want to forfeit fit for fancy, ya know?

Because this yarn was designed and manufactured to be knitted vertically, some funkiness occurs when knitting a standard horizontally striped sock. Check out the odd pooling. See the blue splotch on the calf? Whoever heard of pooling in a self-striping yarn?

And, some of the stripes digress at an angle, which makes for a truly funky pair of socks. But I like them. And my sister will love them.

The fiber content is 75% superwash virgin wool and 25% polyamid for strength.

I got the stripes to match perfectly, thank goodness. I lose sleep over things like that!

I am now packing my suitcase for a trip to Germany. I will be on a yarn crawl of sorts. I hope to return to London with a nice new stash of good German sock yarn. Wish me luck!

Hey, does anyone know if they give factory tours where Opal and Regia sock yarn is manufactured? That would just be too good to be true!

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