Tangerine lace socks, hand-dyed by me
Completed in July 2012

This sock pattern is the Child's First Sock from the book, Knitting Vintage Socks, by Nancy Bush.

I purchased this undyed sock yarn from DT Crafts and Design. It was an effortless and pleasurable consumer experience. I will buy from them again.

The fiber content is 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon, with 365 meters per 100 grams. This sock yarn has a high twist, which I appreciate in a sock.

I knit the socks in the yarn's natural white state. I then dropped the finished socks in the dye bath with my favorite Jacquard brand acid dyes.

The tangerine socks definitely have the "hand dyed" look about them; the color is uneven, which I like to consider a feature, rather than a defect. I tell myself this because I am literally unable to achieve a real, proper, consistent, even, deep single color while hand dyeing. Do y'all have any suggestions for me?

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern. This is the second time I've knit it.

Knitting this project provided some fun and joy to the otherwise gloomy, cold, rainy London summer. This weather blows. As much as I love England, I miss long, hot, lazy summer days. I miss living in a country where there are four distinct seasons to the calendar year, which we definitely don't have here in England.

Even my brother in Alaska tells me that summertime there is hot and sunny and happy all around. How can it be, tell me, that summertime in Alaska is more summery than here in England? There's something wrong with this picture, eh?

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