Manly, yes, but I like them, too.
Completed in May 2012

I knit these socks while at Hampton Court Palace, outside of London. There I am in the hedge maze, which was wonderful but scary and reminded me of the hedge maze in the movie, The Shining!

These socks were knit with Opal brand sock yarn, which I usually like. Opal is usually dependable. I can usually count on Opal. Like an old friend, Opal is.

But Opal, I'm a little upset with you now. In this skein, I discovered not one but two (two!) knots. And in the factory setting, you try to slip it by we observant knitters by placing a little knot with no tail within the skein, hoping we won't notice.

But of course we notice! And your little factory-fortified tailless knot doesn't really cut the mustard. I don't believe a knot is reliable unless the tails are woven in properly, in separate directions.

So, Opal, I had to cut your knot off and create my own Jenny-style knot. What a pain. I expect more from you than this, Opal.

Meanwhile, the colorway is #1194. The fiber content is 75% superwash virgin wool and 25% polyamid for strength.

These socks are quite dark and blue. Manly, yes, but I like them, too.

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