Great green sock yarn with welcomed blue pooling
Completed in 2011, the year I knit a "sock wardrobe" for my sister

This is a photo I took of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, where I was traveling. The building is spectacular, of course, but the contents, not so much. I was quite unimpressed by the museum collection. And, to top it off, there was no nice place to sit and knit with tea, to pass the time. So, this museum gets a thumbs down from Jenny!

As for the socks, this is the amazing Great Adirondeck Company silky sock yarn in the colorway #924, Parakeet. I just love this yarn and these colors.

I would love to find this yarn again and knit more socks with it. I even liked the funky way the colors pooled at points. These socks were a joy to knit.

Fiber content is 70% merino, 20% silk, 10% nylon, machine washable, thank goodness. It will be interesting to see how these socks wear over time. I've not much experience with the wear and tear of socks with silk. Have you?

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