Experimentation, once again, with jogless striping
Completed in 2011, the year I knit a "sock wardrobe" for my sister

I wanted to experiment with jogless striping. So, with these socks, this is how I knit the stripes:

Row 1: Just start knitting with the new color
Row 2: Slip marker then slip the next stitch purlwise
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Shift marker one stitch to the left

This technique avoids, as much as possible, the jogs that you get with knitting stripes.

If you get up close and personal with the socks, though, you can see (as in photo 2) that the "seam" (or start of round) is traveling at an angle.

You can see this even better in photo 3, where the reverse fabric plainly sports the angled start of round.

I suppose this is all fine and dandy if you're knitting something small, like a sock, with a limited amount of rows.

But, can you imagine the horror if you were knitting in this way, in the round, over the course of a huge long sweater? I fear the traveling, angled start of round would eventually go all the way around your body, eh?

I suppose, then, that a striped sweater can only really be knit flat, eh, pieced in the English way?

And this begs the greater question, "Why would I ever want a horizontally striped sweater?" (!!!)

I do like the effect that stripes can have, and I do like the color combo of these socks, but I'm thinking that striping is not my thing. I just can't accept the imperfect jog, even though these stripes are considered jogless!

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