Zauberball socks with the bright bits
Completed in 2011, the year I knit a "sock wardrobe" for my sister

In my never-ending hunt for more sock yarn, my girlfriend kindly sold me 200 grams of her wonderful Zauberball sock yarn. This is such nice yarn and very expensive. I was thrilled to acquire it. Thank you, friend!

And, with 200 grams of yarn, I knew I could knit two pair of socks. How nice is that?

This is colorway #1564, Tropical Fish.

But, of course, I got to thinking. And, I couldn't just leave well enough alone. I couldn't knit two pair of identical socks.

So, I split the 200 grams into two separate skeins: One bright-and-happy skein, and the other all green and blue. These are the bright-and-happy socks. They were a joy to knit.

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