Asymmetric and mirrored as well
Completed in 2011, the year I knit a "sock wardrobe" for my sister

This is the Maelstrom sock pattern, designed by Cookie A, published in the Twist Collective.

These socks are knit with Katia brand sock yarn, blue colorway #931, purchased at a really nice yarn shop in San Sebastian, Spain, Casa de Labores.

The fiber content is 75% wool, 25% nylon.

I like the end result of these socks, and the pattern really hugs the foot well. But, since the socks are asymmetric as well as mirrored images of each other, you really have to follow the pattern closely. That also means that you really have to start and finish one complete sock...and then start the second sock and knit that in one swoop, which really opens the door to Second Sock Syndrome. I prefer to knit two socks simultaneously, on two separate sets of DPNs. That's my MO.

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