This is the fun part.

You know how this story ends.

Knitting specs:

Green Fair Isle patterned tam, with light blue, dark blue, mustard yellow, white, and tangerine dream. The ribbing is standard 2x2. Knit with Jamieson & Smith brand yarn, 100% Shetland wool, 2-ply jumper weight.

Ribbing was knit with 16 inch, 2.0mm Addi turbo circulars, and the body was knit with 16 inch, 3.0mm Addi turbo circulars. I just can't seem to get ahold of my favorite pusher nice German lady who sells Hotz & Stein needles.

Knit in the round, from the ribbing to the center, with double decreases.

Pattern notes: CO 152 sts, inc to 216.

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