I love to sew.

My sister, Cass, and I learned to sew from our mom, who was so creative and talented and who used to say, "If you can read, you can sew!" ....which is something I really try to keep in mind when reading sewing patterns!

In high school, I sewed lots of skirts and matching tops.

Here's me in a very funny photo. It's my senior prom in May 1983. I sewed the dress from lavender satin. Trimmed it with lace I found in the attic. Made a little drawstring purse out of the lavender satin. Wore fresh flowers at my neck and waist. Wore a hoop skirt. Hilarious! This photo really cracks me up.

Now I mainly like to sew dresses, specifically dancing dresses, and I love vintage patterns, especially from the Vogue Vintage sewing pattern collection.

Here are some of my recent sewing projects.

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April 2009 update:

Thanks for taking the time to browse my sewing projects.

But, I confess, I haven't really sewn anything recently. Instead of sewing, I've been knitting. As you do.

Hopefully soon, though, I'll be up and sewing again soon!