Second sock syndrome

Completed on 04 April 2007

I began this project with the best of intentions.

Of course, I am knitting the toe-up variety, which I've really come to enjoy. I believe that I am now entering my Second Sock Phase, the first phase being in 1996, when I learned how to knit. In 1996-97, I knit so many socks, all in 100 percent superwash wool.

Here I am opening the heel up. I understand this is called the Peasant Heel or the Afterthought Heel. I learned about it from Elizabeth Zimmerman, and she calls it the Thumb Trick, wherein you knit a waste yarn across, then come back later and rip it out, pick up those sts then knit a toe. Because, as we know, a heel is just a toe.

I decreased down to eight sts but next time I'll leave more on for a more rounded heel.

Voila! The finished sock. Now as this pattern is a pure leaf motif, this sock serves as my practice sock. Because, of course, leaves need to be knit in green. So, now that I've tweaked this leaf pattern, I now plan on making matching green leaf socks. As you do.

Now we begin the second sock, and therein lies the problem. I felt compelled to cable these socks. Here I am trying the sock on as a mitten, which of course it could be.

Second Sock Syndrome! One with cables, one with leaves.

Knitting specs:

The pattern for the leaf sock is by Mona Schmidt, called Embossed Leaves Socks, published in the winter 2005 issue of Interweave Knits magazine. These sox were knit with Jaeger brand yarn, baby merino, 100 grams total required. The pattern for the cabled sock is my own humble design.

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