Second green Santa tree ornament
Completed in January 2011

I've definitely got little Christmas tree ornaments on the brain.

I knit this with my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand yarn, 100% Shetland wool, 2-ply jumper weight, with 3.5mm DPNs.

I used white angora, and instead of knitting it on, I knit a long tube of angora, separate, then sewed it on the stuffed and finished piece.

I like this way of treating the angora much more. It gives the fur and beard bits of the Santa a more 3D appearance.

I am totally winging the Santa pattern.

My idea was to use increases and decreases in the same way I do for my fave tam o'shanters.

The tall coned Santa hat is bent over and stitched down, like the other ornaments.

Instead of knitting the standard white pom-pon at the tip of the coned hat, I sewed a golden metal bell.

I am going to use metal bells on future Santas (and there will be some!). I think the bell, along with the black, faceted, 8mm round crystals for the eyes, gives the little Christmas tree ornament a little more, dare I say, 'heirloom' quality to it. I think it's just nice to add a little hardware to a knitted item like this.

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