07 May 2007

Tuesday at the Ritz

My niece, Tuesday, recently visited me in London. She's quite the globe-trotter and was here for, say, 48 hours.

Naturally, while in London, the Tuesday wanted to have tea at the Ritz. The kid is like that. So, we got dressed up and went out for tea. The Tuesday, my sister and brother-in-law, and me.

The next day, at Buckingham Palace, when we were watching the mayhem that is the changing of the guard, the Tuesday asked, with a straight face, if we could have tea with the Queen.

Then when she saw the horse guards, she asked if she could ride a pony.

Here the Tuesday is modeling her new tattoo. She thinks tattoos are real cool.

Soon she'll think it's cool to smoke pot and rob liquor stores.

Oh come on, I'm just kidding!

I'm all for kids tattoo-ing themselves. It's like, growing up in the 1970s, do you remember the candy cigarettes we used to buy? They'd come in a real cigarette carton? And we'd hang around and act cool and "smoke" our candy cigarettes?

Now tell me, what kind of sick-o designs candy cigarettes?!

OK, here's the Tuesday in front of a "sculpture" which was sometime during the odyssey that was the longgg walk to Tower Bridge, to see the crown jewels. Or, as the Tuesday said, "I want to see the crown jewellery."

Here's the Tuesday in front of Tower Bridge, which is such a perfect London image, on the river Thames like that. That's what I love about living in London: there's always somewhere interesting to walk. But, on this day with the Tuesday, my feet couldn't hardly take any more walking.

And here the Tuesday is in the London phone box, just as I was tipping it over.

Oh, just kidding! I didn't really tip over the box.

I only thought about it.

Oh come on, I'm just kidding!