Doesn't the model make the cape look great? By looking at this picture, don't you just want to knit it?

Unfortunately, sometimes there's a gap between fantasy and reality.

This yarn/pattern was the "free-gift-with-purchase" if you subscribe to Rowan magazine, which I did. I have cancelled my subscription, though, after two years. The subscription is just really expensive and, although they do a good job of stylizing the models and the knitting, still, sometimes it's over the top. It's just too much.

Here's a closeup of the "worms" at the bottom of the cape. It was basically a cast on 7, cast off 7 sequence, which was the bane of my existence there for a while.

Knitting specs:

Red capelet with worms. Now doesn't that sound appetizing?

Knit with some bad Rowan wool with polyester in it. I've blocked the name of the wool out of my mind, like a bad dream.

Why, oh why, are so many British patterns, like this cape, designed flat when they should be designed in the round? Really, Rowan especially often does this; they have published patterns for gloves and hats knit flat! Whoever heard of such craziness!

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