Purple variegated socks with a hemmed, picot cuff
Completed in 2011, the year I knit a "sock wardrobe" for my sister

It's my basic sock pattern, with 80 sts cast on, and a slip st heel for strength. As usual, I knit these socks on my favorite Brittany birch 2.25mm DPNs.

The yarn is Drops brand Delight sock yarn, 75% superwash wool, 25% polyamid, purchased at my favorite London yarn shop, Nest.

These socks are bigger than usual and required 120 grams of yarn.

The colors are really nice and purpley. But, there were at least two knots in each skein. (You get what you pay for....this sock yarn is really inexpensive at 2.50 pounds per 50 grams ball.)

So, due to the knots, there are points in the socks where the colors do not graduate subtley, as they should, but rather abruptly. Due to the inconsistency in the color changes, it was impossible to knit two completely identical socks. So, I just had to go with the flow and let the socks develop as they may.

For the hemmed picot cuff of the sock, I made a provisional cast on then knit with solid black, then created a picot edge, flipped it over and started with the purple variegated.

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