What's your laziest knitting project?

This is mine. A garter st scarf. I justified the project because I told myself that I needed a simple project for KnitFlicks, the knitting cinema where they keep the lights on for us so we can knit through the movie, at the Ritzy moviehouse in Brixton, London.

Knitting specs:

This humble project was knit with Rowan (or was it Jaeger?) brand yarn, 100% baby alpaca.

This baby alpaca was really nice to work with, as alpaca always is.

The scarf is of my own design. Do you want the pattern? I jest. There is no pattern. It's all just garter st.

This simple garter stitch scarf was an especially good project for commuting. Yes, I would knit on the London Underground.

And I noticed the above advertisement at one of the Tube stations in London.

Somehow, this ad is insulting. It reads:

"100,000 of your brain cells die every day. Make sure it's not from boredom."

The ad image is of a knitter with a ball of yarn in her head. I admit, I always have yarn on the brain, and proud of it!

Now why is it that mainstream advertisers just assume that knitting is boring? They're obviously not knitters.

Case in point, in this ad, the text is incorporated into the knitting via intarsia. And any knitter knows that intarsia knitting is one of the most interesting, most challenging knitting techniques of all. Intarsia knitting is never, ever boring!

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