Purple mitts
Completed in February 2009

These are the Postwar Mittens by Mary Ann Stephens, published in the Winter 2008 issue of Twist Collective.

These mittens were knit with my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand two-ply jumper weight yarn on my favorite 2.75mm Brittany birch DPNs.

I knit these mitts specifically for a friend of mine who lives in the Great White North. She's not a knitter, yet hopefully she'll like them.

I have to say, just between we knitters, as mittens go, these were quite boring to knit. For me, the main problem was that the palm and handside patterns were identical. I much prefer a different palmside pattern. It breaks up the monotony of knitting. It keeps me from dozing off.

What kept me from dozing off with these mittens was the annoying nature of carrying three colors in every row. It's so tedious! And, as Elizabeth Zimmerman says, it's just not worth it. You can achieve equally stunning results by carrying two colors at most, at any time. I'm a big EZ fan.

I also don't like the lazy afterthought thumb. In my opinion, the best thumbs, by far, are the Selbu kind.

The only remotely interesting thing about these mittens is the year-mark on the inside of the thumb. But, alas, I don't even like the font used. But, this gives me an idea to do something similar on a future pair of mittens. So, all in all, that's good.

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