Samantha's tam o'shanter
Completed in December 2009

And here's my almost eight-year-old niece, Samantha, modeling the tam. Her headsize is 19 inches, which is pretty normal for a kid.

Just FYI, the national average headsize, for a grown woman in the United States, is 22 inches. (I'm a 23, though!)

This tam pattern fit Sam alright, but it was a little loose for her kid head. So, I boldly tossed the finished tam into the top-loading washing machine and let it run the cycle. I needed to felt it down a bit.

After I let the tam air dry flat, I steam-pressed it like heck, to felt.

Sam is such a good little girl. She wrote me a thank-you note for the tam, which was so nice. How nice is it to receive a proper, written thank-you note?

I love this note. It's so sweet when Sam writes a little thank-you note. How much I appreciate the thought!

Likewise, I treasure the following note, an apology note, that was written recently by Sam after I babysat her while her parents were away for the week. For me, this note is precious. Her usage of the term, huffy puffy, is really funny. It's the perfect way to describe Sam sometimes!

And, how funny is it for me to discover that the "real" reason Sam likes me is because I let her watch movies on school days? This is really funny. Perhaps I'm not the model aunt!

This tam measures 9 inches in diameter and was knit with my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand two-ply jumper weight wool.

I designed this myself. Tams are so fun to knit. The design possibilities are endless. I just love it.

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