My first (and last) Selbu gloves
Completed in May 2009

Yes, this is me and my new lime green cast. I was finally able to schedule foot surgery, something that has been long coming.

I have to be completely off my feet for ten weeks, which really puts a damper on my dancing. But, on the upside, I think my knitting will benefit.

If you look closely, you can see the pink Hello Kitty band-aid that my niece, Olivia, put on my "boo boo"....

This is the Annemor #8 glove pattern from the book, Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition, by Terri Shea.

I've been knitting quite a few of the mittens from the book, but this is my first attempt at Selbu gloves; in fact, these are my second-ever gloves and my very first Fair Isle ones.

These gloves were knit with my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand two-ply jumper weight yarn on my favorite 2.75mm Brittany birch double-pointed needles.

I am so over gloves! Will someone please remind me that I don't really enjoy knitting gloves? Knitting gloves is just a test of patience, that's all. And gloves don't fit as nicely as mittens do. So really, what's the point?

I much prefer knitting mittens. Mittens are certainly quicker to knit than gloves, although "quicker" is a relative word. But really, what I most enjoy about knitting mittens is that mittens allow for a larger, uninterrupted canvas on which to create. That's what I like. With mittens you can be more creative, and more colorful, I think.

One thing I learned from these gloves is the importance of proper glove DPNs. We're talking about the short, four-inch variety, which I think would come in handy when knitting the fingers.

I used my typical (and much loved) five-inch Brittany birch DPNs, and while they got the job done, it made for a more fiddley project.

The Selbu thumb is always the best part. I do like the fit of this type of thumb. I like the creativity of these thumbs, and how the thumb design is integrated into the palm.

I changed the cuff a bit from the original pattern. I do prefer a longer cuff on mittens and gloves, so I tend to alter patterns a bit.

One thing that really irks me about this pattern is the lack of mirror imaging.

Case in point, look at the fingers. The direction of the pine bough motif is consistent----on all eight fingers!

Horrors! Now why couldn't the designer have just made mirror images of these pine boughs? Say, the left-hand pine bough motif points west, and the right-hand pine bough motif points east. Now would that have been so difficult to design? It would have made for a more professional and balanced design, I think.

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