Extra long hank hand dyed by me
Completed in February 2014

Try this tedious dye job: Take a perfectly good hank and wind it into a ball. Then, re-hank it onto a set of chairs to create an extra long hank. The purpose of this tedious exercise is to create longer color runs.

The pink color run in this hank is five feet long. The black color run is sixteen inches. The aqua blue color run is three feet, eight inches. I wonder why the aqua blue color didn't show up so much in the photos, but trust me, it's there.

These socks were fun to knit. I always enjoy knitting up freshly dyed sock yarn. It's a joy to see how the colors unfold.

The last photo, above, reminds me that the purled "wrong" side of the fabric is often beautiful, in its own purly way.

Note to self: Design socks that feature purls on the outside instead of the usual knit stitch.

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