This is the 90th pair of socks I've knit to date
Completed in October 2013

I purchased this undyed sock yarn from Yarn Undyed, at the fabled Woolfest up in the Lake District, toward the Scottish border.

I love this yarn. It's a high-twist spin of 75% merino and 25% nylon for strength. Machine washable, as always.

I designed the pattern myself, but stopped the cables just short of the bunion, so they would feel smoother and nicer in the shoe.

I hand-dyed the hank with my favorite Jacquard brand acid dyes by first dipping the entire sock in light pink. I let the socks sit in the boiling light pink dye bath for a while, then I removed them, added more pink, and then dipped only the toe and foot into the darker pink dye bath. After that, I changed to a new dye bath of purple and dipped only the top cuff.

I do like the way the colors turned out. Dipping from the bottom then the top is an interesting way to dye a sock, I think.

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