Sea green socks with a bit of s-t-r-e-t-c-h
Completed in May 2013

I purchased this yarn during my fabled trip to Copenhagen. And what a trip it was! Honestly, what other city in the world has a dozen yarn shops? It boggles the mind.

These socks were knit with Lana Grossa brand "Meilenweit" sock yarn, in colorway #8402, "Mustique Stretch."

The fiber content is 45% virgin wool, 35% cotton, 13% polymid, and 7% elite for stretchability.

I dislike knitting with cotton yarn of any sort. It's just not fun, and it's hard on the hands; there's no give-and-take with cotton. To me, it's the opposite to wool, which, of course, I love.

But, I'm always interested in trying new yarns. And, my sister has voiced the need for some summer socks. So, I thought I'd give this yarn a go.

It's alright. Just. You can definitely feel the cotton in the sock. Is that a good thing? I wonder if the socks will be cooler to wear in the summertime; cool temperature wise, not hip-hop-wise cool.

In the 100-gram skein, there are 460 meters of yarn. This is great meterage. I want and need my socks to be as thin as possible, so I appreciate this sort of length in a skein.

To knit this sock, I CO 74 sts with a 3.5mm DPN, then switched to 2.0mm DPNs for the one-one ribbing.

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