Bright candy-striped socks
Completed in March 2013

This wonderfully bright sock yarn is the Trekking XXL brand, in the colorway #135. The fiber content is 75% superwash new wool and 25% nylon, made in Germany. The meterage is 420 per 100 grams.

I specifically did not want to break the even widths of color, so I opted to knit the sock in a tube, from the cuff down, to maintain a consistent pattern. Then, I created an 'afterthought' heel, with gray sock yarn that I had in my leftover sock stash. The heel is knit like a big toe.

In terms of fit, I am not a big fan of this method of sock construction. However, it's sometimes necessary when you don't want the self-patterning stripes to be affected, as they would in the case of a proper slip-stitched heel.

All in all, I think the color trumps the fit, which is fine in this case.

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