Mismatched socks for my sister
Completed in December 2012

I purchased this colorful sock yarn on my trip to Copenhagen.

I specifically wanted to knit my sister some mismatched socks.

The socks were knit with Mayflower brand Strompegarn yarn. This yarn is manufactured for Mayflower, Denmark, but the Danish saleswoman told me that the yarn itself was not sheared from Danish sheep.

Fiber content is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon.

The mostly pink sock is colorway #1326.

The mostly blue sock is colorway #1322.

The socks were fun to knit because of the melting colors; however, the yarn itself is splitty with really no twist.

The picture below the socks was taken in Trafalgar Square, in the rain, on Christmas Eve. I was happy to catch the reflection of the Norwegian Christmas tree, which has been an annual gift, since 1947, to London by the city of Oslo, Norway in gratitude for British help during World War Two. Also in the picture you can see the blue arch of lights of the London Eye.

I always love strolling through Trafalgar Square, on my way home. I love the sight of Big Ben and all the history surrounding that space.

The last picture was taken on that same Christmas Eve stroll. It's of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

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