Socks of a wonderful acid green
Completed in November 2012

What part of this shade of acid green don't we like?

These socks were knit with the Drops brand Fabel sock yarn, in the colorway 151p, purchased during my trip to Copenhagen.

Now I've knit with Drops many a time, and generally I like it. It's inexpensive, and the superwash sock yarn wears well. But, this time, the yarn irked me to no end because I was happily knitting along when suddenly I encountered a knot in the skein.

So, you can see about five inches down from the cuff, there's a harsh splash of dark blue that doesn't belong, and henceforth the stripes don't match.

And I like to knit my socks so that the stripes match perfectly. It's so frustrating when matching is an impossibility.

But life goes on.

The last photo, above, is of the police horses who trot past my window every morning. When I hear the clip-clop of the hooves, I immediately stop whatever I'm doing, get up and walk over to the window, and look out at the horses. To me, even after all these years in London, it's still so funny to see horses trot past my window.

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