Lilac semi-solid socks, hand-dyed by me
Completed in August 2012

These socks were knit during the London Olympics. The two pictures above capture the spirit of the games, in all its yarny goodness. I was walking through the Courtauld Institute of Art, my old alma mater, and I was so surprised to see these statues dressed in handknit swimsuits with Union Jacks! Loved it. It's so unusual for the Courtauld to be irreverent like that. Knitting on statues? Really?

To participate in the Games, in a knitterly way, I entered the Sock Put event, sponsored by Ravelry. I had big fun knitting about town, watching the Olympics at the many outdoor television venues.

Try as I might, that was the closest I ever got to seeing the Olympics in person. I so wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream of watching women's Olympic gymnastics live, but I was consistently unsuccessful in the ticket lottery, even though I'm a legal resident of London and we therefore, apparently, have priority.

I am not happy with the Olympic ticketing situation! I am, though, happy about the way in which the Olympics seem to have transformed the spirit of London. The Brits seem friendlier this week. Perhaps the Olympics are like weather and war: It brings people together.

These socks represent Pair #68 in the madness that is my sister's sock wardrobe.

I purchased this undyed sock yarn from DT Crafts and Design.

The fiber content is 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon, with 365 meters per 100 grams. This sock yarn has a high twist, just like I like it.

To achieve the semi-solid nature, in a big dye pot, I splashed a cup of Jacquard-brand acid dye haphazardly along a hank of vinegar-soaked yarn. I then diluted some more of the dye with water, and splashed again.

I repeated this process till the hank was submerged in liquid. I did not agitate the dye pot so as to avoid blending the dyes completely.

I let it sit a while, about ten minutes, then brought it up to a near rolling boil, then turned off the heat and let it cool to room temperature.

The lilac result seems ok. I'm not in love with it, but I wouldn't kick it out of the sock drawer, either.

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