Salmon and lilac striping, hand-dyed by me
Completed in August 2012

There I am with my knitting at the entrance to the 1936 Olympic stadium in Berlin, and then also at Brandenburg Gate, above.

Berlin was wonderful. It was my first trip there. I had suspected that the town would be interesting, but I had no idea it would be so beautiful, with such a vibrant atmosphere, friendly Germans, great affordable yummy food, and so many fine yarn shops.

My trip report and Germany yarn crawl guide is available here, for your amusement.

These socks represent Pair #67 in the madness that is my sister's sock wardrobe.

I purchased this undyed sock yarn from DT Crafts and Design.

The fiber content is 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon, with 365 meters per 100 grams. This sock yarn has a high twist, just like I like it.

I re-wound the hank around two chairs, so that the hank would be quite long and cumbersome. How I enjoy tedious projects!

I then dyed half the hank in salmon-orange, and the other half in lilac with a bit of variegated purple.

The final hank result was a single salmon color run of five feet, and a purplish color run of five feet.

I cast on 74 stitches, as I normally do for my sister's socks. I discovered that a five-foot color run delivers exactly two rows of knitting, on 2.25mm DPNs.

Next time, I will try and re-wind the hank even more so, so it's even more cumbersome and has, say, a single color run of 7.5 feet. I think that should deliver exactly three rows of knitting, which might be nice and bold in color. We shall see.

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