My Wedding Socks
Completed in November 2014

On 07 November 2014, my beau and I got married in London. As the groom's favorite color is orange, and as you know mine is green, we thought it fitting that our wedding colors were lime green and tangerine.

The top photograph is our wedding cake. I baked the tiered cake in the morning and we devoured it in the evening. How fun it was to bake my own wedding cake! It was alternate tiers of chocolate and then carrot cake, with buttercream frosting. I decorated the cake with miniature orange Gerber daisies that I purchased at dawn from the wholesale flower market in London, New Covent Garden Market.

For those of you who have contemplated baking your own wedding cake, I encourage you!

The second photo is of my bridal nosegay of orange roses, also purchased at dawn at the flower market. I purchased fifty roses then created a nosegay. I also encourage brides to consider doing your own flowers. It was fun!

I hand-dyed the yarn for my Wedding Socks in lime green and tangerine, with my favorite Jacquard brand acid dyes. No, I didn't end up wearing the socks at the wedding, although it did cross my mind! Instead, I wore little golden sequined ballet slippers.

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