106th pair of socks to date!
Completed in August 2014

The top photo represents an evening of hand-dyeing. See the very long hank of blue and green sock yarn? That's what you have to do with the hank in order to create wide stripes, as in these socks.

First, I took the manufactured hank and re-wound it into one large 100 gram cake with my ball winder. Then, I manually wound one very long and thin hank around two chairs, ensuring that the hank measured 15 feet circumference.

I had tested this hand-dyeing method before, in these striped socks.

I hand-dyed this sock yarn, half in green and half in blue, with my favorite Jacquard brand acid dyes.

For these socks, the color runs were about 7 feet 6 inches for each color.

I like the wide stripes and bold splashes of color. Next time, I'll try three different colors of wide stripes. That'll require one really, really long hand-wound hank of about 23 feet! Does that sound like fun or what?

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