Monkey socks
Completed in March 2009

I recently joined the Ravelry group, My First ____ Socks. The idea was to get us to try knitting socks, or try a new sock technique or something. Which was a great idea.

I've been wanting to try a good, new toe-up heel. Although I've already knit some toe-up socks, and I love the concept of just knitting up and up and up till your yarn runs out, I've always been disappointed with the fit of the toe-up heels that I've knit.

So, I found what seemed like a nice toe-up sock pattern, the Baudelaire socks, by Cookie A., from the Summer 2006 issue of Knitty.

I was loving this sock until I came to the heel. I understood the whole wrap-and-turn part of the heel, but I just didn't like the way it looked, the inevitable little holes in the short rows.

So, I ripped it out and searched for another heel.

I tried the Sherman heel, but I wasn't falling in love with that heel, either.

So, shock of shocks, I frogged the whole sock and started anew.

I decided that maybe the Holy Grail of toe-up heels wasn't in the cards for me, so I resorted to the old tried-and-true, cuff-down Monkey socks, also by Cookie A., from the Winter 2006 issue of Knitty.

Of course, I had to make contrasting toes. And luckily, I remembered to mirror the little waves where the color joined.

These Monkey socks are fine, but they're definitely not my favorite socks. The only difference between these Monkeys and my favorite socks is the yarn.

These Monkeys were unfortunately knit with Wildfoote yarn by the Brown Sheep Company. The color, Temple Turquoise, was fine, but the yarn just is not soft. These are not luxurious socks.

I did learn a few things from knitting these Monkeys, though. I learned that, when it's all said and done, I prefer the cuff-down sock for its reliable heel. I also learned that the overall best fitting socks seem to be concocted of some sort of lace pattern. That way, there's give. The socks seem to mold to my feet better.

And lastly, I learned that it's totally worth the extra price of good, good sock yarn. I'll have to remind myself of that in the future, and to not cheap out.

These Monkey socks cost me US$12 to knit while my favorite socks cost me US$24 to knit. These Monkey socks were half the price of my favorite socks, but my favorite socks are easily twice as loved as any Monkeys will ever be.

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