Norwegian Selbuvotter Mittens
Completed in November 2015

This is a practice mitten. Yes, I knit just one. Not a pair of mittens, but one. Sometimes I like to do that---just to check out a new pattern.

This mitten was knit with the Norwegian Selbuvotter mitten pattern, published by Elisabeth Anderson, and available for free on Ravelry. Huge kudos to Elisabeth for selflessly publishing a free pattern like this. Thank you!

The pattern itself is very well graphed. Very easy to follow. My only issue is that the mitten turned out a bit on the big side, despite my 2.5mm needles. Next time, for this pattern, I will drop my needles to 2.0mm.

I knit this practice mitten with my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand two-ply jumper weight Shetland wool, while on holiday in Greece. I find that physically small, time-consuming knitting projects like this are the best for traveling, even in a hot clime like Greece.

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