Laminaria lace shawl
Completed in December 2008

This is my favorite lace pattern to date. Here I am modeling this huge shawl in front of the Christmas tree, in my brother's log cabin in the mountains.

This is the great, free pattern from the Spring 2008 issue of Knitty. The pattern features Estonian stitches; however, my Estonian friend has informed me that true Estonian shawls are never triangular. So, this is not a true Estonian shawl but simply a shawl that features Estonian stitches.

It's no less beautiful because of it.

What I liked best about this pattern is learning some new stitches. I especially like the border, which is dramatic and very, very easy to block. I like the fact that there are large loopholes through which to weave the blocking wires.

That's my niece, Samantha, sitting next to the blocked shawl. Yes, the shawl is huge!

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