Pure cashmere hot water bottle cover
Completed in July 2012

This is simply a cashmere hot water bottle cover.

In the top picture, you can see the simple shaping. In the second picture, the hot water bottle is inside the cashmere glove, which fits good and snug.

I winged the pattern by shaping like a sock toe. I just kept knitting while periodically slipping the hot water bottle into the cover to check dimensions.

I knit this project with 100% cashmere, DK weight, which normally would be shockingly expensive, but it's surprisingly affordable at Colourmart, the only place in the world where I can buy a kilo of cashmere without having a nervous breakdown.

A kilo of pure cashmere, on cone, cost about US$112.

I knit this is the natural white, then sewed on the vintage mother-of-pearl shell buttons. I then dyed the whole lot lilac. I was expecting the shell buttons to absorb the dye but that didn't happen at all. It's all good.

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