Another life-changing cast on for the toe-up sock

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Just when I thought life couldn't get any better, I discovered the rectangular start to the toe-up sock. This is a revelation. I am a changed woman. This is my new favorite toe-up method.

To get the party started, provisionally cast on 14 sts (or whatever is best for your yarn and pattern).

Knit four rows in stocking stitch. End with a knit row.

Unravel the provisional cast on, and insert DPN.

With that first needle (the top one), pick up one stitch on the "short" side of the rectangle. You will have 15 sts on that first needle.

Then, with a second needle, pick up another stitch (on that "short" side of the rectangle) and then knit across seven sts (which were just unraveled from the provisional cast on). You will have eight stitches on that second needle.

With a third needle, knit across the remaining seven stitches and then pick up one stitch on the "short" side of the rectangle. You will have eight stitches on that third needle.

Pick up one stitch on that "short" side of the rectangle and place it on the first needle.

So ultimately you'll have 16 sts on the first needle, 8 sts on the second needle, and 8 sts on the third needle.

Now start increasing for the toe as such:

ROW 1:

First needle: k2, inc 1, knit till there are 2 sts remaining, inc 1, k2
Second needle: k2, inc 1, k to end
Third needle: knit till there are 2 sts remaining, inc 1, k2

ROW 2:


For this sock, I only increased to 42 sts.

The motif is by Mona Schmidt, called Embossed Leaves Socks, published in the winter 2005 issue of Interweave Knits magazine.

Instead of purling between motifs, I just made one knit stitch.

Here's the toe after one pattern repeat.

And after two pattern repeats, on my foot.

I did my typical "afterthought heel" that I like so much.

Today is 15 August 2007, and I have been unhappy with the progress of these socks. There is something about the patterning that bothers me---me who loves green leaves.

I think I could have/should have found a more suitable pattern for this heavy wool. So, after much consideration, I have decided to do this:

Knitting specs:

Nashua brand yarn, Creative Focus superwash, 50% merino/50% wool, 100 grams = 218 yards, color #11, dye lot 1398.

Total yarn cost for this project = US$10.

Knit on Brittany birch DPNs, size 3.50mm, purchased from Patternworks.

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