Hand-dyed hot green Selbu mittens
Completed in March 2009

This is the NHM #7 mitten pattern from the great book, Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition, by Terri Shea, with a little variation in the cuff.

The mittens are knit in my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand 100% Shetland wool in the 2-ply jumper weight, on 2.75mm Brittany birch DPNs.

We started out with very white wool and my fave Jacquard brand acid dye in the color, brilliant kelly green. Remember, the "acid" part just refers to the white vinegar that's added to the dye bath. These "acid" dyes are really easy to use, and the color really sticks.

I created three hanks from the skeins, put a string through them, and hung them up to the cabinet door knob above. That way, I could maintain some white in the hanks.

Everyone has their own way of dyeing, but I tend to like to start out with a lukewarm bath, gradually increasing the heat till it's almost boiling, then I close off the heat source altogether and let the temperature reduce naturally till the dye bath is room temperature.

Once the hanks are cool, I remove them from the dye bath and wash them with Johnson and Johnson brand baby shampoo, which is what I generally use when I'm washing handknits.

These were a fun knit. Hand-dyed yarn is like that, I find.

I knit the cuffs in a solid hand-dyed yarn while the body of the mittens are more variegated.

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