Green hand-painted laceweight mohair
Completed in December 2008

What part of green mohair don't you like?

This is the spectacular Twisted Sisters hand-painted laceweight mohair, 70% super kid mohair and 30% silk, in colorway Lust. I utilized 100 grams for this shawl.

Here I've got the shawl displayed on the Christmas tree.

The pattern is the Triangular Scarf in Leaf Pattern in the nice book, Knitted Lace of Estonia, by Nancy Bush. I followed the pattern although I chose not to knit the border.

This was a fun knit since I simply continued knitting until all of this precious yarn was used up. The shawl is quite large as a result, which is good.

I agressively blocked the shawl with blocking wires. As you do.

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