More green leaves. Shocking, I know.

Completed on 09 April 2007

I had been sitting on this great 100% alpaca for awhile. I purchased it at the Texere shop/warehouse up in Bradford (England) while on a knitting excursion organized by our pal, Alex.

The yarn was a bit pricey at U.S.$10 per 50 grams. I got 300 grams for $60. It is the most beautiful shade of leaf green, and the alpaca is so soft.

For me, though, $60 is a chunk of change to spend on one accessory (that I might never wear), so I really had to think and think about what to make with it. So, I experimented with knitting leaves, as you do.

But then, I decided to make another Leaf Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark. I had made this before, of course, but in a much different yarn, with a totally different hand. That first version is very precise and almost formal whereas this leaf lace is cozy and fuzzy. I really like this version in alpaca, and I am really going to try and wear it come winter.

Here's the finished piece, before blocking...and then after my characteristically aggressive blocking.

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