Green Damson Faroese shawl
Completed in December 2010

See how the shawl just hangs perfectly on the hanger? I could never do that with one of my typically flat triangular lace shawls.

I think a Faroese shawl is so much more practical, and 'easier' to wear. I do hope to knit more lace shawls like this in the future. Please let me know if you have any good Faroese shawl pattern suggestions. Thank you!

This is the wonderful Twisted Sisters brand yarn in the Jazz 100% fine merino. The colorway is the perfect Kaffir Green.

This yarn was given to me by a dear friend. Thank you, friend!

This fun pattern is Damson, published by the Scottish knitwear designer, Ysolda Teague. I really like her patterns.

This shawl has such nice shoulder shaping and draping, indicative of shawls of the Faroe Islands.

I started out with four heavenly hanks for a total of 200 grams of pure green bliss.

I used a 24-inch, 4.25mm bamboo circular (because I was knitting in the air, en route to Central America).

I knit the pattern exactly as written, without modifications.

I knit with two balls simultaneously, alternating rows, to avoid any potential pooling. This was a bit tedious, but worth it, I think, as the yarn was so precious, and pooling really upsets me.

I had big fun blocking this shawl. I have a particular fondness for big loopy edges like this. It makes blocking easier.

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