Gray and red Norwegian mittens
Completed in October 2008

I have always liked the color combo of gray-white-red. To me, it's a traditional, old-fashioned color combo that lends itself well to knitting.

I started knitting a sweater in this color combo, in my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand 100% Shetland wool in the 2-ply jumper weight, knit on 2.75mm Brittany birch DPNs.

But, the sweater was soon frogged.

I think I'm entering a Mitten Phase of Life.....because I can't stop thinking about (and knitting!) mittens!

These mittens are based on the mittens I knit for my aunt.

I re-worked the pattern a little bit......and was happy with the knitting....until......

I realized that I had knit TWO right-handed mittens!

Please learn from my mistakes: When you begin the second mitten, make double-sure that you're not knitting two identical mittens!

So, to save the project, I ended up grafting the one thumb together with the dreaded Kitchener Stitch, and cutting open a thumb insert on the opposing side of the palm.

You can unfortunately detect the sutures....but I suppose it makes for a funny story, and a lesson learned.

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