Green baby hat with earflaps
Completed in November 2012

The wonderful model is just a few months old. Big thanks goes out to his mom for this photo!

I wanted to design a baby hat that would guard against the winter cold. Earflaps are key, I thought.

So, I started with a few stitches, in the top photo, and incrementally increased to form a triangle to cover the ear, while at the same time cabling an OXOX "hugs and kisses" motif.

Once I finished the two separate ear flaps, I then cast on some stitches between the earflaps then joined on a circular needle and knit the ribbing.

The yarn is the nice KnitPicks brand Swish DK, 100% superwash merino wool, which is great for these types of baby projects, which need to be able to be tossed into the washing machine at will.

I am now working on a new design for another earflapped baby hat.

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