I was dyeing feathers to make this hat, as you do.

If you're wondering how I made this hat, click here for directions.

Have you ever dyed with the Jacquard brand acid dyes? I love them. Don't let the word "acid" fool you; it just refers to the vinegar that you add. These acid dyes give you a much much more saturated color than any Kool-aid dye or Dylon dye or Rit brand dye.

So, seeing as I had a nice dyebath of my favorite green (which was actually a combination of the green, yellow, red, and the black dyes), I got a hank of the merino laceweight and thought I'd have some fun experimenting with variegated color.

Here's the hank, after drying. The colors looked perfect for me. I love the variation in color. What part of green don't you like?

The problem, I quickly found, was that the colors pool, and it knits up much lighter than in hank form. I started knitting on one st and then systematically increased, with the idea of knitting a nice shawl. But the color is just too pastel for me. Everyone kept asking me, "Oh, are you knitting something for a baby?"

So, this project has been frogged. I won't knit something for myself with it; I'll wait till another idea grabs me. Meanwhile, I will try another green dyebath but will dye the greens darker.

By the way, the yarn is Knitpicks brand merino laceweight, purchased online at Knitpicks. Knit with 2.75mm Holz & Stein brand ebony wood circulars. My own design, albeit, it's not much of a design. Just start with one st and increase on each side to form a triangle. To increase, just knit two then do a yarn over.

Alright, admittedly, this is a pretty lame post. This knitting project isn't even completed. It was a journey with no destination.

So, for your amusement, here's a photo, to provide laughter for your day. It's my family, taken on Easter, in 1970, in our backyard in upstate New York.

I love this photo. I distinctly remember when this photo was taken. I was five years old. And, so clearly, I remember that pastel plaid dress that I'm wearing.

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