If you have any ideas for good, healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes, can you please share them with me? I'm hungry for new cooking ideas. Especially since getting married in November 2014, I've been hunting for good dinners to make for my husband. We love sitting down for dinner and conversation; it's one of our favorite things. Lucky for me, my husband is quite the adventurous chef. But still, I am actively developing yummy new meals. I'm collecting my recipes here, which helps me remember what my limited culinary repertoire is. Please, please share with me your good meal suggestions. Thank you!

Andrew's Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Pad Thai

Beer Bread

Wedding Waffles

Orange Cake in a Blender

Coffee Walnut Cake

Mom's Pound Cake

Jenny's Chocolate Chip Cookies

The following recipes are made with mulberries, which I just love!

Mulberry Muffins

Mulberry Brandy, Mulberry Gin, Mulberry Vodka, oh my!

The following recipes are made with my favorite Hershey's brand 100% cocoa powder.

Mom's Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake

Mom's Stove Top Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Waffles