Finally, Jenny gets the clap

Completed on 09 August 2007

The Clapotis pattern (or the "clap" as it is known) has been around since Kate Gilbert first published it in 2004. It's such a fun pattern, and it's free, too.

It's one of those patterns that you're compelled to knit. Just about every knitter I know has gotten the clap. And it seems like once you get the clap, you get it over and over again. I am already planning my second clap.

For this first clap, though, I wanted to use variegated yarn. So, I planned a fun day in the dye kitchen. I had quite a few different types of white yarns in my stash, begging for my favorite Jacquard brand acid dyes.

For this clap project, I had specifically purchased 300 grams of "bare" yarn from Knitpicks. It's 100% merino wool superwash, in DK weight.

And the colorway came out just the way I like it: greens, blues, and purples.

After dyeing the yarn, I steamed the hanks to set the color. Then let cool for awhile. Then washed the hanks like mad in hot soapy water. Then let hang dry.

Thanks to all my knitting friends, I found that it truly was a lot easier to execute the clap pattern without any stitch markers whatsoever. The trick is to do a purl between the tbls. Eventually it's this purl that you'll drop.

It's wickedly fun to intentionally drop stitches. It goes against a knitter's instinct.

And here's the finished clap! It took a total nine days to complete, with me knitting every night. Which was fun. This was a real enjoyable knit---not too easy, not too difficult. Just right.

Knitting specs:

This clap was knit with KnitPicks brand "Bare" yarn, 100% merino wool, superwash, worsted weight, 220 yards per 100 grams, 300 grams total.

Total yarn cost for this project was US$18.

Knit on Holz & Stein ebony wood straights, size 4.0mm.

On the increase rows, I did four additional repeats instead of the specified six.

Aggressively blocked, this green clap measures 17 inches wide by 80 inches long.

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